"Who am I? ...I'm the Psychiatrist "
—Dre to Marshall upon introduction

Dr. Dre, is a therapist head of his own company known as Aftermath. With Shady as one of his psychiatrist clients, Dre reveals to Marshall that he helps Shady out with his ventures hoping to get him to be more obedient to Dre and eventually stop his spontaneous life of crime. He reluctantly joins project Shady, surrounded by members Marshall, Susan and Ken Kaniff.

History/Pre-Shady Edit

Dre, was born to a very poor family in Compton, California. Surrounded by gang violence, Dre tried his best to stay away from the gang life, having aspirations to one day become a famous DJ. Although things seemed to be going relatively well even starting to get a group together known as NWA, with 4 other members, one of which being Dre's close friend who would eventually become a famous rapper independent of the group Eazy E. Although things didn't work out with his career, he was still proud to he friends with Eazy and still found enjoyment out of life. Things however took a turn for the worst when Dre and Eazy were trapped in Compton during the events of the Compton riots. At which Eazy was killed, filling Dre with rage and causing him to lash out murder three supposedly innocent civilians. Riddled with guilt Dre became obsessed with trying to figure out why he did this. Leading him to start over, as a therapist.