"Ah, ha, ha, ha, Let's Fuck em up Slim!"
—Sue on Slim Shady

Susan, is a member of Project Shady alongside other members, MarshallKen Kaniff, Royce da 5'9" and Slim Shady himself.

History/Pre-Shady Edit

Childhood - Pre-Meeting Slim Shady Edit

As a child Sue, was exposed to constant physical abuse and raped frequently by her father. This in addition with living life in a poor neighborhood led to her living a destructive lifestyle and turning to drugs. After getting into community college she became a nurse assistant so as to pilfer pills and attain money for her heroin problem. Although for a brief period she sobered up, she soon began slowly working her way up the drug chain again at age 26.

Meeting Slim Shady Edit

Eminem - My Fault (Explicit)04:02

Eminem - My Fault (Explicit)

During Shady's time before coming famous he ran into Susan at a rave, hosted by his drug dealing friend, Dave, where at Shady offered her magic mushrooms so as to get her to have sex with him. However the incident went bad after she ended up taking 22 caps of the mushrooms. This event caused her to almost die, as she drank Lysol while tripping. She was immediately taken to a hospital where they saved her life but determined that she suffered permanent brain damage. To try and fix this issue, the best option was determined to be giving her a lobotomy. In another twist of fate, the surgeon messed up the procedure, only correctly removing the part of her brain that restrains self control, making her more spontaneous rather than less as well as amplifying her personality. After long she began taking to drugs again and turned to Slim Shady, at this point part of Bad Meets Evil, support her drug addiction in exchange working for Bad Meets Evil.

Eminem - Brainless (Explicit)04:53

Eminem - Brainless (Explicit)

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